Fake news spread after cyber attack in Singapore

Following the recent cyber attack that stole personal information of 1.5 million people including the Prime Minister of Singapore has been termed as worst cyberattack in the country’s history.

SingHealth authorities had announced that hackers started stealing personal details and prescription records of patients who visited Singapore’s outpatient clinics over the previous three years. Following the announcement of the cyber-attack SingHealth warned patients against fake text messages that were being spread. In a Facebook post, SingHealth said it was aware that some people had received fake messages that were not sent from SingHealth.

Though SingHealth reassured patients that no phone numbers, financial information or medical records had been illegally accessed, the fake message warns the recipient that their personal data, financial details and even their medical records have all been accessed.

An effort to help their patients, the SingHealth website has provided a portal for patients to check if they have been affected by the attack. In addition, by using the HealthBuddy mobile app with their SingPass login patients can check their status.


Our assessment is that, SingHealth’s efforts to ensure that people do not panic in these situations is indeed laudable . By providing portals and applications , patients, can verify online if there is a real breach. We feel it’s important for  the affected not to panic and use the reasoning quotient to the maximum.